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Wildlife Reserve Visitor Centre   Sevenoaks

Our proposal for this international open competition is a building which serves as a gateway to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve using sustainable construction methods, passive design and green technologies.

The Nature and Wellbeing Centre is positioned in the heart of the reserve at the narrowest point between the East and West lakes. Nestled between the trees, its central location takes advantage of the widest vistas across each lake, provides refuge for all visitors to the reserve and serves as a beacon for the surrounding hides and viewpoints.

The mass is expressed by two shifted volumes of different heights which have been aligned with the axis of the approaching road and the most desirable views. The elegant timber structure houses a complex brief for a number of flexible and interconnected uses which change throughout the day.  The public multi-functional spaces, such as a cafe, exhibition space and studio, benefit from framed views of the lakes, that changes from season to season.