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Bushey Hill House  London 

Bushey Hill House is a large Victorian double-fronted building located in Peckham. The scope of the project comprises internal refurbishment and alterations as well as a large loft extension.

 The overall approach takes the key features of the original house and interprets, adapts and transposes these for the interventions made combining the historic with the new. The small and subtle changes of adding built-in furniture, moving walls, changing openings and some more major changes such as converting the loft allowed for significant improvements of the house. The addition of natural colours, materials and textures to the interior and exterior enhances the unique characteristics of the maintained selected original features.

 In addition to the internal modifications, the house is extended adding two bedrooms, one bathroom and ample storage in the loft. This space follows the same logic regarding material, textural and colour as the conversion. The gutters are set behind upstands and concealed behind the cladding which enables the loft to emphasize its verticality. 

 The main material oak is used and applied in different ways creating a logical thread through the project and allowing different treatments to be used in a suitable place. The different treatments were chosen to suit their application and create a natural variation in the appearance of the timber. Across the interior elements, oak appears in different treatments such as oiled solid oak for shelves in the bathroom and in the kitchen, the theme of oak re-appears in the form of the dark stained oak multiply. The overarching emphasis of the project is on a simple colour and material pallet with excellent bespoke detailing and craftsmanship.

Photography:  Edmund Sumner